The "Steampunk Mechanic" Pocket Watch


$79.99 - Now $34.95 The "Steampunk Mechanic"  Pocket Watch

[This Is A Limited Production Watch And Stocks Are Limited]

This is a UNIQUE Steampunk Pocket Watch where you can see the gears moving from the front or back. It oozes STYLE and is the PERFECT addition to your Steampunk outfit or to use every day and turn heads.

There are certain QUALITY watches that design with SYMMETRY in mind and this is such as watch. There are 3 quadrants of numbers I, II, III & IIII plus V, VI, VII, VIII & IX, X, XI, XII - yes symmetry is a key element in quality.

These custom designed Pocket Watches are a MUST HAVE! Designed with premium high quality material ... and you can get it NOW for a limited time!

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  • This Watch FEATURES: 

    ▪ Original Hand-Wound Movement

    ▪ See-Through Front & Back Glass for Visible Gear Movement

    ▪ Half-Hunter Glass Cover and Skeleton Design

    ▪ Stainless Steel & Plated Metal Case 

    ▪ Chain and Coat Clasp Included