Kitten Cuddler Hoodie

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$49.95 - Now $34.95 Kitten Cuddler Hoodie

If you love your cat then this is the PURR-fect hoodie to have. The extra thick Polyester blend makes this ULTRA comfy and warm. The lined pocket is the ideal place for your cat (or dog, rabbit or even hamster) to snuggle in to, so you can stay close whenever and wherever you go.

These custom designed Kitten Cuddler Hoodies are a MUST HAVE! Designed with premium high quality material ... and you can get it NOW for a limited time!

  • SUPER SOFT Polyester blend sweatshirt with built-in snuggle pouch
  • Hands-Free Cat carrying ability (or small dogs, rabbits, hamsters)
  • Pouch is SAFE and SECURE
  • EXTRA cute Cat Ears and Paws accents
  • Extra-long draw strings with fluffy tips so kitty can play
  • Detachable Pouch for easy cleaning.
  • UNIQUE and Exclusive and these will sell out fast!
  • Not Sold In Stores! 

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