Vintage Steampunk Glasses

$22.95 $34.95

Vintage Steampunk Glasses (with Side-Shades)

These snazzy round sunglasses have personality!  The IDEAL accessory for both Men and Women and look great with any Steampunk gear.

These custom designed Vintage Steampunk Glasses are a MUST HAVE! Designed with premium high-quality material.

  • UV Protection
  • Metal Frame-
  • Outside the frame width:138mm/5.43"   
  • Picture frame inner width:130mm/5.12"   
  • Lens diameter: 47mm/1.85                
  • Picture frame Height:53mm/2.08"              
  • Leg of glasses Length:156mm/6.14"            
  • Bridge of the nose Width:18mm/0.71"

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